How does HeyThanks work?

Once installed on your store, the app UI will appear in the cart. When a customer adds an item to their cart, they will see an option to add a tip for their fulfillment workers. That money is combined with tips from other shoppers, and deposited biweekly into a bank account controlled by the fulfillment partner that packs and ships the order. The fulfillment partner then distributes the funds to their employees based on a predefined payout plan.

How are the tips distributed?

The funds are distributed to the specific workers in the warehouse from where the package shipped, but not to the individual shipper. We deliberately chose not to implement HeyThanks in this way for a couple of reasons.

The process for selecting which employee picks and packs an order is largely random, so we felt it might result in unfair distribution of funds if a single employee, or group of employees, happened to be packing orders for which a tip was attached.

Additionally, there are other critical employees in a warehouse operation that keep it running, not just the order packers! We did not want to exclude anyone from the possibility of receiving additional monetary recognition.

I manage a Shopify storefront, how do I know if you are integrated with my fulfillment partner?

We are working to onboard as many fulfillment partners as possible. We have started by selecting partners that we know serve a high volume of storefronts. You can request that your fulfillment partner onboard with HeyThanks during the app onboarding process.

I manage a Shopify storefront, but I self-fulfill, can I still use HeyThanks?

Absolutely! We allow any type of fulfillment service to use HeyThanks. We have an option for self-fulfillment operations that you can select during your app onboarding process.

I manage a fulfillment operation, why would I want to integrate with HeyThanks?

HeyThanks is an awesome tool that can help your employees feel like their efforts are being recognized by the shoppers that depend on their hard work. This can lead to lower attrition and higher satisfaction among your employees. It can also be a great perk for hiring!

I manage a fulfillment operation, how can I partner with HeyThanks?

We can't wait to work with you! In order to start the integration please complete this sign up form, also linked in the navigation bar.