Shopper tipping fulfillment worker.

Attract purpose-driven customers, recognize fulfillment workers.

HeyThanks is the Shopify app the enables in-cart tipping for fulfillment workers.

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A new way to say thanks.

Who says tipping has to be face to face? In today’s increasingly virtual economy, most never interact directly with the people who provide them with valuable service.

The new economy requires a new way to say 'thanks'.

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Benefits for e-commerce merchants

Helping humanity is good for business.

Do well by doing good.

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Reduce cart abandonments
Your customers are more likely to complete their checkout when they see that they can do some good by completing their purchase.
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Improve the lives of fulfillment workers
Make every single new purchase an opportunity to do good for humanity.
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Attract young, purpose-driven consumers
The next generation of customers is purpose-driven. Show them that your brand's values are aligned with theirs.
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80% of gen Zers believe brands should help make people's lives better.

Wunderman Thompson

Benefits for fulfillment operations

Employees will love being recognized.

The easy way to stand out from the pack.

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Improve employee satisfaction
Allow your employees to be recognized by their appreciative customers.
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Increase employee retention
Your employees will stay longer because they feel more appreciated.
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Stand out in hiring
Put yourself ahead of the competition in hiring. Companies that allow their employees to receive extra compensation are more attractive to prospective employees.
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